What is a Money Market Fund?

  • Invests in banks deposit and short term debt instruments such as certificates of deposit and fixed rate bonds.
  • Issued by governments and corporations

Investing in Money Market Fund

Why Phillip Money Market Fund?
How To Invest into Phillip Money Market Fund?
2 ways:
  1. Excess Funds Facility Opt In
  2. SavingsPlus+ program enrollment (Click here to find out more about this program)
What is Excess Funds Facility?
  • This is a service provided by Phillip.
  • It allows your excess funds work harder for you while you wait for your next investment.
  • It invests fully in Phillip Money Market Fund (PMMF)
  • It is available in both SGD and USD.
  • All you need to do it to opt in to this facility by giving a one-time authorization.
  • This can be done at account opening or via online POEMS trading portal.
How does it work??
  1. Once you opt in, excess funds in your trading account with a minimum balance of SGD100 will be automatically invested into Phillip Money Market Fund.
  2. The said fund will be automatically redeemed from the facility under any of the two scenarios:
    • (1) for shares payment or other investment purchases or transactional fees charged
    • (2) funds withdrawal request by account holder
Benefits of Excess Funds Facility
  • No sales charges or administrative fees
  • High degree of liquidity
  • No lock- in period for your excess funds
  • Maximise investment opportunities as excess funds are not left idling at any time
  • Enjoy returns potentially higher or equivalent to SGD savings deposits
  • Seamless payment for your shares trades and other investments

Charges and Fees

Charges and Fees payable by Investor
Sales Charge Currently 0% Maximum 5%
Redemption Charge Currently 0% Maximum 5%


Charges and Fees payable by the Fund from invested proceeds
Annual Management Fee Currently 0.45% Maximum 2%
Annual Trustee Fee Currently not more than 0.03% Maximum 0.035%